5 Types of Commercial Roofing Options – Ceve Marketing

Many materials can be used for roofs on commercial buildings.

The primary purpose of both commercial and residential roof systems is to protect against weather but this is all they share in they share in. The slope of commercial roofing, defined by the structure’s size, is the primary differentiator between a commercial as well as a residential roof. Since residential homes tend to be shorter than commercial structures, their roofings generally are more steep and simpler to observe. Commercial roofing materials are determined by the design of the building , as well as elements like temperature range as well as foot traffic and the expected temperature.

A roofing company can help in deciding on the ideal roofing option for your needs. There are innovative commercial roofing technologies that can withstand extreme temperature, minimize stormwater runoff and boost environmental efficiency. As an example, unlike steel roofs, shingle roofings and PVC roofs green roofs be able to eliminate the need for costly and intricate drainage systems being a natural source of insulation. j2rdet23k4.