8 Tips for the Social Security Disability Application Process – Legal Terms Dictionary


1. For medical treatment

You should keep the complete records of your medical care, with no gaps. Unconformity in treatment is an indicator for many judges.

2. Firm Diagnosis

It is more difficult claimsants who do not have a specific medical diagnosis to back their claim.

3. Always use the medication prescribed by your doctor.

If your doctor has provided medications to treat your illness or disability, make sure that your lawyer can demonstrate your acceptance of this treatment.

4. Medical Language Translated to the limits of work capacity

A disability, or long-term illness isn’t enough to warrant approval. It must also be reflected by the impact it has on your capability to work.

5. Do it before you lose your hearing 6. Don’t go alone 7. Do not engage in drug-seeking

If you feel your claim is intended for recreation, the judges can deny it.

8. Don’t be entitled

Judges are looking for proof that you’re willing to take every step to avoid having to deal with the law of social security disability .