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This year has been quite an uphill battle between the long medical problem you’ve had to deal with and the debt from your credit card and various other debts.

When it becomes clear that there may be the only way to pay your debts, then it’s appropriate to seek assistance by a bankruptcy lawyer firm. Most people, there are two kinds of bankruptcy two types: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Each type of bankruptcy has positives and negatives. Chapter 7 allows an individual can legally get free of most consumer debts provided they meet certain qualifications. Chapter 13 allows the person to settle all of their debt in one lump sum and at a price that they can afford. The bankruptcy process will require the end of garnishments on wages generally. The advantages and disadvantages of filing bankruptcy are many.

In order to have access to this bankruptcy tribunal, it’s crucial to talk to a reputable bankruptcy lawyer. They will assist you in making informed decisions and decide if Chapter 7/13 is the right choice for them.