Concrete Polishing v. Epoxy Coating – Best Online Magazine

Ors may need to select between commercial concrete polishers and epoxy floor coat. They both have distinct benefits and cons, and best suited to different scenarios. In this video, we will go over concrete polishing basics and the advantages.

Polished concrete is made by continuously running industrial grinders over the concrete slab that has been treated. The Polishers apply a coarser polishing pad , and later switch to more finer pads as they proceed. You get an polished concrete floor that has a smooth and uniform look.

Polished concrete is ideal for floors that aren’t affected by harsh chemicals toxic substances, acidic chemicals Wet processing, as well as food processing. This cost-effective method delivers outstanding results when it comes to medium and light-duty floors.

In order to keep floors that are polished looking shiny, they need regular maintenance. Owners of business should take into consideration this in conjunction with the amount of the traffic they will see. The floor may not be the ideal choice when floors require high amounts of maintenance.

Still, polished floors are beautiful, affordable as well as environmentally sustainable. For a more practical look it is possible to have the look of a matte flooring created by polishers. The video for further details.