Content Marketing 101 – Ceve Marketing

You can conquer the world by the power of your marketing content? Jessica is here to help you by demonstrating her content marketing 101 video and help you make the amount you’re due from your work.

Jessica has years of expertise using the field of content marketing. Jessica is an incredibly social media marketing expert, with a focus on YouTube, Facebook and podcasting. Additionally, she has her own newsletter, and is eager to share her content marketing tactics.

Jessica says that content marketing is material that performs the “marketing in your behalf.” Your content will draw on customers and clients since it’s how they get to know your company and the services you provide them should they decide to engage your services. What can you do to make your content more optimized for search engines to make it simple to find and get people to visit your site. Additionally, you will learn about how important social media can play in your marketing.

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