Funeral Home Jobs That Dont Require Extensive Training – Andre Blog

Unless a cure for death can be found, this is the only industry to outlast any recession. There are numerous types of jobs that do not require any particular certifications or degree. These jobs are described by Joel Simone Anthony, South Carolina’s funeral director.

One of the most essential jobs in funeral homes is that of funeral assistant. A funeral assistant helps funeral directors with what is required in order to make a funeral a success. In order to ensure everything is done correctly, funeral assistants are able to visit graves. They might also have to clean the church. The tasks are many and different.

Another job funeral homes need is that of receptionists, or administrative assistant. Candidates for this position should possess basic clerical abilities dependent on the funeral home they work for. The duties include responding to calls or addressing clients, handing the details about services as well as handling paperwork for the funeral home.

Other jobs include removal technicians and pre-needs specialists. Removal technicians visit the location areas where people have died, pick up the corpse, and deliver them to the funeral home. Anyone who wishes to organize and cover funeral expenses prior to their death are called pre-needs experts. Some state or local laws might require that these specialists are licensed as insurance professionals. ef6dgtu5bb.