Furnace Maintenance Tips – Family Game Night

Our team is here to assist you. For a better chance of avoiding repairs, let’s look at the best furnace maintenance strategies must be followed.

There are a few essential items that you’ll require prior to start furnace maintenance. Bring brush, gloves as well as a vacuum cleaner as well as a screwdriver and air filter. These tools are essential to keep your furnace functioning correctly.

Replace your air filter. Filters clean air, making it safer to your house. This is vital to ensure that you’re breathing healthy air. If the filter has stopped working you should take it out and put in a brand new one.

Clean the inside of the furnace. Take off the panel and use the vacuum to eliminate any dust or other particles. The time is a good opportunity to find any areas damaged that require repairs.

Every furnace has an air blower. The blower blows air through your house. The blower should be cleaned. You must ensure that you get all of the dust off the blower.