How 50,000 Scammers Were Identified – How Old Is the Internet

The group of friends created a video pranking major scam centers in India. The group of friends came up with a variety of clever techniques to fool scammers. But, there’s a that is particularly intriguing in the film. One large group chat identified about 50,000 fraudulent individuals. This video will describe how scammers were identified and why bail bondsmen will be required.

WhatsApp is a well-known messaging application. It’s popular in a variety of countries , and provides a myriad of functions like group chats. There is a reason why there are a lot of fraudsters who are using the app in India to communicate. Rober and his comrades could join the chat group fairly quickly. The scammers now appeared through the chat, and were able to see every messages that they had sent. It was even more alarming was that it was discovered that Rober’s Indian friends were hacked. They were warning each other to keep an eye for. They did not realize they were already under attack. The time was not yet the time they discovered that. Every single one of the 50,000 contacts had been downloaded and sent straight to the FBI for an investigation.