How Businesses Make Custom Shirts – Shopping Video

Maybe you will be attending some event in a crowd that wants to stand out together. If so will be, you’ll need to know just how custom t-shirt businesses are able to accomplish it. In this tutorial, you will learn all about the Cricut iron-on process, including its purpose, the way it operates, and the reasons you should consider this option for your shirt.

Cricut’s Iron-on method can be employed on sweatpants and hoodies along with T-shirts. This allows your team or team to display your designs regardless of the time of year. It all starts with creating the design on the computer. These designs are printed on vinyl. The vinyl can be any color since it will be the main shade of the design. It’s also the background if it’s not cut. After the vinyl is cut out, it’s then applied to clothes. They are able to be positioned anywhere in the garment. 6amzvdu7oe.