How Does a Septic System Work? – Work Flow Management

. Yet, it’s a very complex system that fulfills an essential task. Without a septic system it would not be as effective as an effective a method in the safe disposal of trash. In this video, we will discuss the engineering and systems of a septic tank.

A septic system is composed of two separate compartments. All of the waste goes first into the primary compartment. The solids sink or flounder down to the bottom. The middle is where the dirty water is pumped out to another tank. This tank is attached to a pump system that pumps water out of that tank about every twenty minutes. This water is later sent into the pod for treatment, in which it is cleansed. It drips down onto a layer which is a home to bacteria. It is vital as it converts ammonia from the water into nitrogen. This water will continue in a steady drip until it reaches the bottom of the pod. There it is transported to the Sand filter. Sand filter is then able to disperse this water without risk into earth where the water reconnects with the cycle of water.