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How much do different types of lawyers make The basic duties of an immigration lawyer include dealing with foreigners in order to solve issues such as deportation, naturalization requests or employment, citizenship or green card questions. If their client has to go through an immigration hearing the lawyer will be spending time in court with judges. They can also advocate for immigrants and foreign nationals on the court when criminal law has a connection with immigration.

Immigration lawyers earn an average of $67,487 for those working in the lower percentile earning $47000 and those at the top of the list earning $110,000.

Patent Attorney

The lawyers who concentrate on intellectual property collaborate with clients as well as companies who own mental intelligence assets. Digital design, digital services as well as new films are just a few examples of intellectual property. If, for instance, you create a novel recipe to make ginger tea, legal counsel for intellectual property can help you get granted a patent. They are costly and can take a while to make intellectual property may be a similar value or even more than physical property.

Intellectual property lawyers examine the law and prepare all the documentation required in order to submit trademark or patent litigation. Lawyers in intellectual property are accountable to address trademark or patent infringement. This is when someone is using your intellectual property without permission and did not seek permission from the owner. Your attorney will either send a stop and desist letter to the offender or even take your company or individual before a judge on your behalf.

IP lawyers make an average of $128.452. That is higher than their criminal, divorce, and immigration law counterparts.

Attorneys of Law Firms

Legal partnerships are made up that includes two lawyers or more. tmj353kkum.