How to Get Out of a DUI – Court Video

f you’re found guilty. However an DUI lawyer will assist you to defend yourself from the allegations. The video below explains how a DUI attorney works to get his clients cleared of DUI.

First, the lawyer must show the illegality of the initial traffic stop. Officers must have probable cause and reasonable suspicion in order to stop you vehicle. The police cannot stop any vehicle for any reason. An DUI attorney will review the report of a police officer to find the truth of whether the driver lied when they claimed to have reasonable doubt, or did not have it at all.

Sometimes auto accidents occur and authorities may look into it for an offense of DUI. However, there are reasons that may cause an auto accident. The attorney in the video explains one client who has an illness that led to the accident, not alcohol. Expert witnesses confirmed that the lawyer had the right to deny the claim.

Take a look at this video and know more about what is available to you from a DUI lawyer can offer in the case.