How to Make an Adorable Pom Pom Scrunchie! – Shop Smart Magazine

The summer season is almost arriving, and it’s an ideal time to get going with your summer outfit! Thousands of people are getting new pairs of shoes, brand new sunglasses as well as a variety of other items for the summer season. If you’re searching for fashionable summer clothes and some boredom-busters this summer do you have the time to make the perfect hair accessory of your own? Pom-pom scrunchies are popular right now, and this tutorial shows how you can make them in only a couple of steps!

To make this particular scrunchie, we will be used organza cloth. This material is not as thick however it still provides a textured element to your new scrunchie. Organza cloth is available in any color you choose So, be imaginative! After that, it is time to pick out your pom poms. Pom poms that are smaller than what is typical are perfect. For attaching organza to different places and then insert elastic strings in order that they can be twisted the way you want it to, a machine is necessary. When you’re done adding the pom-poms and completing the stitch, the new scrunchie will be complete!