Learn How a Concrete Polishing Service Completes Their Work – Teng Home

From the very beginning until completion, watch them do the 10 step process to turn the dull concrete into a gorgeous floor full of the character. This task was executed in the hands of Jason and Jeff to the satisfaction of their clients. After finishing the entire polishing, stunning things like stone or aggregate the cracks and exposure emerged from the concrete.

The two begin the concrete polishing operation by a generator which powers all the tools needed and a truck that carries the majority of their equipment, and small staging areas in tiny space located at the end of a minor road.

To remove any dirt, the first thing to do was to run an Upcut saw over the joint. Then, using a Dewalt DCE591 epoxy dispensing gun, Jason adds more epoxy. In order to remove the epoxy Jeff utilized a basic scraper which is a must to get the floor level prior to the actual polishing process.

Watch the rest of the video to see the various kinds of grits that were used, and also how Jason and Jeff created the concrete’s shine. They also created a lovely style that’s perfect for offices. j95ukzpr7e.