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It involves inserting a tiny opening inside the lock. Locksmiths can analyze the lock cylinders to cut keys that correspond to the properties of each lock by studying the cylinders.

The price of a car key cutter will be around 80 dollars to duplicate keys. The fee for programming, cutting and coding keys can be increased to $100 if you need the services. It’s an extremely profitable business, and a majority of folks would prefer to be a key-cutter for their car.

A lot of drivers choose an auto locksmith for car cutting keys because their costs are considerably lower than those offered by dealers. It is therefore more attractive opening a business in the locksmith industry.

Make sure you have the appropriate tools and equipment for cutting keys efficiently before you rush to get on board. Nowadays, the majority of cars have an anti-theft transponder-type key, which means the car will not start when the key you use is different than the original.

This is why it’s important to understand all aspects of the key cutting procedure. And in this interview video created by Combe Valley Campers, Richard of Brighton Car Keys explains the methods involved in professionally cutting and coding new car keys. tfnaag4bib.