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The lastic molding technique has these pros and cons.
The advantages of plastic Molding
It is cost-effective because the equipment is efficient and operates with high speed, improving productivity. Also, using recycled materials for custom injection molding of plastics reduces the cost of production.
Specification: The plastic molding process is intricate and permits logos or designs to be embedded into final products. This eliminates the need for extra costs.
It can be expanded it is expandable: the technology of plastic molding is able to be utilized anywhere. It is therefore possible to make products that are close to the target customer.
Pros and Cons of Plastic Molding
The cost to get started is high: Molds require a lot of money to manufacture making it more expensive to start up. Due to their high manufacturing cost, molds often have to be purchased from abroad.
Modification can be difficult. It’s difficult to make design changes. Incorrectly implemented changes could result in losses in molds, which may cause production cost increases.
The challenges of research and research for customers: It is important to have a market before you start production, as a lack thereof can cause serious loss.