Questions About Teeth Cleanings Answered – Free Health Videos

inside the teeth. This is completely natural in the teeth, however there are specific methods that people can whiten and clean their smile. In this video, dentists give various cleaning suggestions.

Ask your dentist about it if you want to whiten teeth. They’ll know the effects of the procedure on your teeth as well as if this is actually worthwhile. In the video, dental professionals go through the various brands available and offer them to those searching for teeth whitening.

One of the dentists talks about various foods that may cause tooth staining. She stated that food that could stain your clothes could stain your teeth also. Teeth can be stained by the coffee you drink or any other beverage.

This is an entertaining video in which dentists ask dentists various concerns about their teeth and dental work. There are some questions that, like why orange juice tastes so horrible after you clean your teeth, are funny. This was the question all kids asked. Keep watching for more information!