Should You Seek Help for Your Uncomfortable Braces? – Source and Resource

They should be feeling better in a matter of a week. Make an appointment with your orthodontic specialist if the pain has lasted more than a week. Here’s some advice from Mar Orthodontics regarding what to do if your braces are hurting.

Wax must be supplied by your orthodontist. It is important to ensure that your brackets remain dry. Apply the wax to the brackets. This helps prevent the brackets on your dental braces from pressing against your tongue or the side of your mouth.

Wires that shift are responsible to pain in the back or in the area of your cheeks. Put wax on the wire end. For adjustments to the wire you’ll have to talk to an orthodontist. It will never get any better on its own.

It is common for wires to escape from recently applied dental braces, specifically near the back teeth. In the event of this happening, do not get them in contact with them. It should be reported to your dentist as soon as possible. This is another thing that cannot be fixed by itself.

It is possible that something feels rubbing on your gums or tongue. In order to find out if the bracket isn’t there, take a look at your mirror. Don’t touch or attempt to repair it. Contact your dentist immediately. 562i26yy7o.