The Oldest Authentic Italian Restaurant in America – Confluent Kitchen

They have travelled throughout through the years. They have also traveled to America when many Italians migrated to the States. It was natural for many Italians to start their own eateries and blend cultural elements with American hopes. One of the most well-known of these establishments is called Ralph’s Italian restaurant, located in South Philadelphia. In this short video, you will learn more about the remarkable history and food of Ralph’s Italian restaurant.

Ralph’s Italian restaurant has been operating for a long time. In fact, it opened around 1900. This makes the restaurant about 12 years old. The place is famous for its longevity. Many people return because of the atmosphere and food. Each generation puts a lot of time and effort into the meals they create. This is literally part of their family. It’s an amazing spot to dine. With secrets passed across generations, the menu almost remains unchanged. Based on one estimate, 90% of the 1900 menu is still in the menus today.