What a Basement Waterproofing Service Can Do For You – DIY Projects for Home

Install a drain tile for transferring water from where it’s collecting towards a system that will move it away from the house.

The first thing to do is jackhammer around the floor about 18 inches of the wall. Next, the contractors will construct a trench that slopes toward the point where the sump could be set.

The foundation’s concrete blocks are submerged using holes. They could be filled with water. Water drains out of the trench system around the floor.

The sump pumps and basket will be installed that have dual discharges, for the event that you need an energy-powered back-up device later. This gives you more power for pumping.

Drain tile is set into its place using PVC pipe. To filter the water for the water, it’s used gravel. Then a diamond drainage board is laid over all.

This system is a simple and effective method of protecting your property from flooding as well as other issues with water damage that can cost you more on the long run as opposed to making sure your home is waterproofed.