What Are Some Helpful Roofing Terms Everyone Should Know – AT HOME INSPECTIONS


The measurements are usually in square feet. It’s 100 sq. feet when your space measures 10×10.

Decking involves applying felt paper to the area beneath the shingles, generally on top of sheathing. It helps to drain the area through the passage of water through instead of collecting under shingles.

The eaves on a structure are the portion of a wall where rainwater is able to flow downward from the point on the wall above. In America it is known as the cornice.

Ice and Water Shield
A type of underlayment known as ice and water shield is used to make flat, simple-ply membranes. It provides a barrier against moisture and prevents leaks.

Ridge Vent
A ridge vent can be described as the name given to a device for ventilation that is placed on the ridgeline in a sloped roof in order to drain moisture from the underside of an exterior roof which is the outside air.

It is crucial to be well-versed in the terminology that is that are used for roofing.