What is Sports Therapy? – Funny Sports Videos


Sports therapy. Sports therapy is by no means a new concept however the last few years have seen an incredibly rise in centers that have incorporated therapies for sports into the general PT practice. Because of the numerous scientific studies that show how sporting injuries cause a lot of damage to the body, PT centers are rising up to combat this issue. In this video we’ll take a look what sports therapy entails and what equipment and facilities are required to heal from the effects of a sporting injury.

Obviously, sports therapy puts the most emphasis on muscular and skeletal injuries, in addition to good stretching and proper training methods. While sports therapy does try to treat players suffering injured, but they provide education on ways avoid injury at all costs. The PT center houses a variety of cutting-edge scientific equipment designed specifically for athletes. Instead of the simple stretching routines that are common to PT the sports therapy program is geared to exercises that build muscle and run to get their patients back on the field as fast as they are able.