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Austenitic makes up the largest amount of stainless steel readily available. Austenitic is employed in several applications, including medical equipment and food utensils. They are not magnetic and can be weldable.


Ferritic is comprised of nickle, as well being other alloying elements. These elements have excellent ductility, formality and resistance to heat, but aren’t very good at high temperatures.


Martensitic has a higher carbon content metal, which may affect welding and forming. This metal is magnetic as well as it is heat treatable. It’s often used in medical equipment and knives.


Duplex has higher yield strength and greater stress corrosion cracking in chloride. It is employed in pipes and chemical plants. Precipitation Hardening

Steels for precipitation hardening have alloys that enable their hardening by a solution and heat treatment. They age to Austenitic or Martensitic.

The different varieties of stainless steel aren’t able to encompass every type of steel available. The applications for industrial use are infinite. If you are looking to learn more about steel , simply follow the link for the video on the right.